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Milkworthy Cookies Million Dollar Chocolate Chip  Graphic

Musical Inspiration:
Marvin Gaye

Flavor Profile:
For the chocolate chip cookie connoisseur in search of a unique blend of heart and soul - and that little something extra you won't find anywhere else. 

Milkworthy Cookies Chocoholic Graphic

Musical Inspiration:

Al Green

Flavor Profile:
For the extreme chocolate lover who's ready to swim through multiple waves of milk and dark chocolate in search of a rich and decadent ride.

Milkworthy Cookies Gimme The Dough Graphic

Musical Inspiration:


Flavor Profile:
For the savorer of life's subtleties, like perfectly balanced dough punctuated with sweet and savory chocolate bursts.

Milkworthy Cookies Trifecta Graphic

Musical Inspiration:

Lady Gaga

Flavor Profile:
For the one that wants it all, from milk to dark to white chocolate mixed with pinch of salt , a dash of vanilla, and buttery goodness in every bite.

Milkworthy Cookies Owner Maria Solo Photo

Milkworthy Cookies™ combines my passion for music with my love of baking - and I hope you taste it in every bite. xo Maria

What is
Milkworthy Cookies

Hi - thank you for taking the time to check out my site! I’ve been a lover of music since birth, and baking for almost as long - starting with helping my mom in the kitchen around the holidays making cookies for friends and neighbors. I’m most in my element when I’m in a kitchen surrounded by flour and spices, butter and extracts, dreaming up new recipes while listening to one of my endless playlists....

Milkworthy Cookies Owner Maria in Kitchen

How to Order

Click here to order and schedule your pick-up today!

Milkworthy Cookies
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